Location: 1765 Higdon Rd.
Acres: .5
ROS: Slow
ROC: 1/2 Acre in the grass slow ROS, Burning up hill hitting a road keep all units coming
Structures: are not currently threatened
Special Hazards:
Resources: B4410
ENG 4453, 4483, 4463, 4473, 4471, + 3 from AEU
3 Crews from AEU
Dozer from AEU
All Air Craft from Columbia
West Ponit Fire, Water Tenders from Central Fire and Mokelumne Hill Fire

Radio Frequencies: Command on local, Tac on CDF tac 8
Weather Info: At Esperanza Raws 1400 hours Temp 82 RH 29% Wind at 11 MPH
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